- ATTENTION SNIPPISH FANS - For all of the fans out there, take heart, for we are in the process of adding new links and keeping Snippish one of the most unique sites on the web. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Site #124 - Roadtrippers - If you are planning a trip and have some time on your hands, consider plotting a route while using Roadtrippers. It will add in hotels, attractions and natural wonders that can be found along your selected path. Some of the places I found were interesting indeed. Added 02/18/17

Site #123 - AARPfraudmap - This site is very simplistic, but quite easy-to-use. There are no complicated forms to fill out or extensive vetting of information required. It is simply a map of some of the current scams operating in your area. In fact, while I appreciate the effort required to create and maintain this site, my only complaint is that it is not comprehensive enough. Added 02/18/17

Site #122 - Usefulscience - This website is packed with peer-reviewed snippets of information written in plain English. The information is all supported, but what makes the site so great is the fact that it is based on empirical data. So the next time you wonder whether you should really eat that deep-fried, chocolate-covered Twinkie, check here first and see if a study has been done on it. Added 02/04/17

Site #121 - Quickmeme - If you find yourself laughing at the numerous daily memes found on Facebook, then you are sure to find a laugh on this site. It has one of the best compilations of memes found anywhere on the net and is just plain fun. Added 02/04/17

Site #120 - Dearphotograph - What makes this site so unique is that people will superimpose an old photograph that was taken at a certain place and time over a new one of the exact same location. What this website lacks in complexity, it more than makes up for in terms of charm and character. Added 02/04/17

Site #119 - Softmurmur - There are times in life when you need a little noise to distract you. If you are trying to get some work done in your home office, it is tough to concentrate when the dog is barking or the neighbor's lawn mower gets going. When that happens, just click on this site and fill your headphones with ambient nose. My favorite is the crickets. Added 12/04/16

Site #118 - Unrollme - Now this is a very useful site. It allows you to unenroll from all of those pesky email newsletters and other unintended subscriptions that have attached themselves to your inbox. Best of all, this service is easy to use and completely free of charge. Check it out, you'll be glad you did. Added 12/04/16

Site #117 - Marinetraffic - If you are curious about big ships and where they are headed throughout the world, check out Marine Traffic to get your fix and find out more about their port of origin and their ultimate destinations. You'll be amazed to find out how much information this site actually contains. Added 10/23/16

Site #116 - Ejury - There are plenty of ways to make money in the world, but one of the more unusual ways to make money is by becoming a virtual juror. Some litigants pay to have virtual juries hear their cases before they are presented before a live jury in the courtroom. This is your chance to be a part of that process. Added 10/23/16

Site #115 - Ranker - One of my own personal guilty pleasures, simply ranks everything, from your favorite movies to your favorite video games plus a whole lot more. The information is endlessly fascinating and will lead you to spend countless hours finding out where your interests rank in the pantheon of life. Added 08/04/16

Site #114 - Technobezz - The first site suggested by a fan is Technobezz. A site dedicated towards fixing those annoying technological glitches, this site is both useful and topical, making it a must visit for those needed a technological fix. Added 08/04/16

Site #113 - Friendable - While Friendable is easy enough to access via your personal computer, this site is geared towards the mobile generation. While it was originally designed to act as a hook-up site, it has matured into a place where the users focus on friendship. This site is also a favorite of ex-patriated Americans from around the world. Added 03/31/16

Site #112 - Grammarly - Tis site is focused primarily on the craft of writing. Far more accurate than a simple spell check, Grammarly gets at the root of your writing issues and can also check for plagiarized passages at the touch of a button. Write better with Grammarly. Added 03/31/16

Site #111 - Honestslogans - To be totally honest here, this site made me laugh out loud and that is a very hard thing to accomplish. The site is quite simplistic, but it is hilariously accurate and quite astute. The newest slogans for Hamburger Helper and Taco Bell is guaranteed to at least get a smile out of you. Added 03/31/16

Site #110 - Ancestry - What makes this site cool is its focus on making family connections. They not only have a massive database of information to work with, they can also do things like test your DNA to find out what your exact heritage based on your genetic makeup. This is a very useful site. Added 03/28/16

Site #109 - Safelink - If you are low income or meet certain other conditions, you can get a virtually free phone from the government by clicking on this link. For those of you who need to have a phone on hand, this program can be a virtual lifesaver. Added 03/28/16

Site #108 - Flightaware - This is a website for pilots and those that understand what they do. It allows for flight tracking and contains a lot of other essential information. How else will you know not to fly over that volcano in Alaska? Be aware with flight aware. Added 03/28/16

Site #107 - Saveonmedical - Prices for select medical procedures vary widely from place to place and is one of the reasons why the cost of medical care continues to skyrocket. This site allows you to save on medical costs by shopping around and that is exactly what the doctor ordered. Added 03/06/16

Site #106 - Wonderhowto - Life presents us with certain things that need fixing and hacking. If you ever wondered how to fix certain things or hack your way through certain problems, then this is the place for you. Check it out. You'll be glad you did. Added 03/03/16

Site #105 - Loyal3 - This is a great site that allows one to invest in stocks without having to pay any fees. In addition, Loyal3 also allows investors to get in on select IPO's at the true IPO price. This site can be a powerful help to your portfolio. Added 03/03/16

Site #104 - Oddee - This site explores the odd assortment of news and links that make you think. While some might think of it as one gigantic time waster, there is a lot of merit to exploring a site whose main focus is on trying to be original and unique. Added 03/03/16

Site #103 - Uncrate - Here you will find some of the more eclectic and electric products for purchase anywhere on the web. While some of the items cost a small fortune, there are others that can fit into anyone's price range. Definitely worth a look. Added 02/29/16

Site #102 - Timeanddate - Since today is a leap year day, it is a great time to add one of the more useful sites on the web. This is the place for everything related to time and its relative impact on our daily lives. It has a little something for everyone. Added 02/29/16

Site #101 - Humanlibrary - This site is rather difficult to describe, but think of it as a library where you go to check out people instead of books. Once you do, you'll be halfway there and you will see what all of the excitement is about. Added 02/28/16

Site #100 - Futurelearn - This is another great learning environment with loads of online courses that have the added benefit of being free. Better yet, they also document your participation with printable certificates. Added 02/28/16

Site #99 - Stockgumshoe - Are you an investor looking to figure out the name of a company that has been touted as the next great thing, but that has been kept under wraps? Well, pout no more. Let the stock gumshoe figure it out for you. Added 02/28/16

Site #98 - Ifthemoonwereonlyonepixel - If the moon were only one pixel, then you could start to imagine how big the universe might be. If you dwell on it too much; however, you might feel pretty insignificant. Added 02/28/16

Site #97 - Stocktwits - Personal investing has become mainstream and so have the social networks that support this growing trend. Stocktwits provide novice investors with short tweets of information regarding their favorite stocks. Added 02/23/16

Site #96 - Soundcloud - Soundcloud allows people to upload audio files simply and without a lot of hassle. Because of this feature, a lot of new and upcoming music can be found here. This is one of those places where the indie music scene thrives. Added 06/11/15

Site #95 - Betterhelp - One of the more innovative sites I have come across, Better Help allows people to purchase counseling on-line from licensed providers. While some might not like this tech-savvy approach, it does allow you to keep a complete record of your sessions for future reference. Added 06/11/15

Site #94 - Uberprint - This site is one of the dozens of places where you can buy printable products; however, I can personally vouch for the quality and the cost effectiveness of this site. I highly recommend it. Added 06/03/15

Site #93 - Scamidentifier - This is a useful free site that lets you check on the integrity of questionable websites. There is also a link to determine a site's approximate net worth. It does not necessarily work well for smaller sites, but it is definitely worth a look. Added 06/03/15

Site #92 - Originalsignal - The granddaddy of tech sites, Original signal combines a lot of tremendously informative articles into one source. If you are interested in the world of technology, then this site has to be on your radar. Added 02/12/15

Site #91 - - This is a very cool look at all of the internet phraseology like BRB and IDK. It is a very comprehensive list and growing all the time. Check it out and see what slang you have been missing. Added 02/12/15


Site #90 - - If you are into gaming and livestreaming, then you must have heard of this site. If not, it is a great place to follow live broadcasts of your favorite games. Scratch your gaming itch with Twitch. Added 01/20/15

Site #89 - - This clever site allows local chefs and food fanatics to prepare delicious meals for small groups at reasonable prices. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, look no further than this site. Added 01/17/15

Site #88 - - Essentially an internet delivery service, Postmates will hire local delivery drivers to stop and shop for you. They are also hiring drivers if you feel like making extra money. Added 01/17/15

Site #87 - - A fantastic compilation of personal stories and letters gathered from America's veterans throughout the years, this is an amazing site with all kinds of fascinating content. Definitely worth a look. Added 01/02/15

Site #86 - - Now this site will not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you are hankering for a Muskrat burger or some Antelope steak, then this is the place for you. I mean, where else can you get Alligators tenders? Maybe a McDonald's in Orlando? Added 12/17/14

Site #85 - - If you own an antique or collectible car at least 26 years old, then you need to check out this site for your auto insurance. You will not believe the low prices you can get here. My friend swears by them. Added 12/17/14

Site #84 - - Overclockers is a highly technical site that spells out the ways and means to supercharge your computer. You might not want to visit this link if you are not technically savvy, but for those who are, this site is a virtual paradise. Added 11/04/14

Site #83 - - This is what I like to think of as a building block website of the internet. If you wish to find out basic reference information, this is the website to go to. Not only that, but the site also encompasses and Added 10/28/14

Site #82 - - As we all know, the world of business is filled with the dangers of fraud and dishonesty. This website reports on many of the shenanigans occurring out there in the world. Fight back with Rip Off Report. Added 10/28/14

Site #81 - - This is a great idea for a website. A patient powered platform for discussing shared illnesses, Patients Like Me offers intellectual and emotional support for those that share similar illnesses. This is truly a smart idea and represents the best of the net. Added 10/02/14


Site #80 - - This site is the home of a neat group of scientists and engineers who experiment with all kinds of unique and creative ideas that you may find familiar, especially if you are a geek or a gamer. This is one clever group of people. Added 10/02/14

Site #79 - - Are you looking for great deals, but hate to pay for shipping? Free Shipping is a website that finds thousands of free shipping codes from major retailers and shares them with you. Why pay for shipping when you don't have to? Added 09/19/14

Site #78 - - This site is a great aggregator for other sites. It scours them for news and places the world of the internet at your fingertips. Be careful as this site is very addicting and it works great with mobile devices as well. Added 09/19/14

Site #77 - - Priceblink is a neat site that finds the lowest prices for items you shop for on the internet and automatically stays in the background until you need it. Check out today. You'll be glad you did. Added 09/01/14

Site #76 - - One of the largest sites of its kind, Kickstarter helped blaze the trail for the idea known as crowdfunding. While it is certainly not easy to raise money this way, many worthy causes have found a fundraising home through this website. Added 08/23/14

Site #75 - - Now this is an interesting site with a lot of addictive political content. Suggested by an astute web source, Politifact is one of those sites that check for the truth behind the lies that politicians tell. That keeps them very busy. Added 08/11/14

Site #74 - - Known for its lists and trends involving popular culture, Buzzfeed is mostly entertainment, but still a lot of fun. In our over-hyped culture, sites like this one stand out in their ability to generate buzz. Added 08/11/14

Site #73 - - This site allows you to look for alternative fueling stations anywhere in the world. As the world switches away from pure gasoline engines, where else are you going to look for a place to plug in your new Tesla Roadster? Added 08/07/14

Site #72 - - Snippish rarely focuses on product placement, but Pink Zebra products are pretty neat. Using scented dots, you can mix and match some unbelievable fragrances. The variety is astounding and my favorites are all the foodie smells. Yum. Added 08/05/14

Site #71 - - Let's face it, some of us are addicted to technology. Whether it is articles focused on new gadgets or the next great gaming innovation, you need to know where to go. For technophiles, there is no better place than Added 08/05/14

Site #70 - - This is an enormous website that a lot of you may have heard of, but whose features may have eluded you. Not only does it seek to quantify details of every movie ever made, it also has very cool features like recent trivia and insider film goofs. A must see web site for movie fans. Added 07/29/14

Site #69 - - This is one of several sites that memorialize loved ones; however, this one gets the nod because it is 100% advertiser free and it allows you to put up a free memorial page. There is an upcharge if you want to build a larger page, but the tone and spirit of the site is respectful. Added 07/29/14

Site #68 - - Have you ever wanted a crater on Mars named after you? How about an entire planet? For a small fee, your dream can come true on this crowd-funded planet naming site. I wonder if there will be a Snippish world out there soon? Added 07/25/14

Site #67 - - This is a unique website that focuses on comics that have a philosophical bend to them. Peppered with a few adult themes, it is a fusion of the complex and the simple. The esoteric and the sublime. It offers a lot to think about in a very small space. Added 07/21/14

Site #66 - - This link is very special to me. Not just for the fact that it allows you to continue reading about your very favorite fan fiction characters, but that it also allows you to write about them as well. Let's face it, how many fans would love to see more Harry Potter or Firefly? Added 07/18/14

Site #65 - - Here is a site run by the National Institutes of Health that allow you to test your musical sensibility. It is called the distorted tunes test and it takes about ten or fifteen minutes. For the record, yours truly scored 25 out of 26. Added 07/18/14

Site #64 - - Even though celebrity worship is no doubt contributing to the decline of Western culture, some of these celebs and their entourage of craziness is compelling to behold. If you crave a mental break from reality, click here and get your Hollywood fix. Added 07/13/14

Site #63 - - You may have already heard of this website, as it is one of the larger and more well known of the websites featured on Snippish, but that does not diminish its usefulness. allows you to stream popular TV and movies and is sponsored by recurring ad revenue. Added 07/07/14

Site #62 - - This is a raw and unedited version of Be warned that some of the videos are quite graphic in their depictions; however, this website is also a fountain of cutting edge news and relevant world topics. Enjoy, but surf with caution. Remember, you have been warned. Added 07/07/14

Site #61 - - One of the world's largest database of jobs can be found at They have an amazing array of opportunities for those people looking to get hired in a competitive marketplace. If you are unemployed, click here for help. Added 07/07/14

Site #60 - - Home of Google guitar and other classic Google doodles, this was a gem of a find for me personally. One of my favorite things about these doodles is that you never know what one is coming next. Google gets high marks for creativity. Added 07/05/14

Site #59 - - Do you need to find a freelancer to finish a project you're on? Do you need to make some money on the side as a writer or a programmer? If so, then this is one of the largest self-employment sites on the web. When you think of freelance, think of Added 07/02/14

Site #58 - - A great source of news for the internet, the New York daily news covers a lot of the stories that do not seem to make it into the largest news websites. Great reporting, but be warned that it is a little gritty. It is New York we're talking about here. Added 07/02/14

Site #57 - - This is one of the sites that is hard to quantify. Part news and part entertainment, is a look at some of the cool and quirky trends that are occurring in the world around us. By the way, I had never even heard of a watercolor tattoo before visiting this site. Added 07/01/14

Site #56 - - On this site, people post their secrets anonymously. What is cathartic for them is compelling for us. Obviously, the name derives from the number of people in the world's population and the notion that everyone has a secret. Added 07/01/14

Site #55 - - The world's largest online art community is just a click away. Of course there are a lot of artists that have found this spot first, but if you want to see their unique and insightful creations, click here. Added 07/01/14

Site #54 - - This is a unique site that plays interviews from fascinating celebrities. The interviews includes such greats as Heath Ledger, Janis Joplin and Carol Burnett. Listening to them in their own reflective voice is remarkable. Added 06/28/14

Site #53 - - This is a music listening site that helps you find some of the latest and greatest talent that is out there, even when they are just starting out. Find your new favorite music at Grooveshark. I know I did. Added 06/26/14

Site #52 - - This site presents a lot of interesting facts in a format that is both quick and visually appealing. Pick a topic and then click on the slide button. Be forewarned that there are some graphic images on the site. Added 06/26/14

Site #51 - - While everyone on the internet knows about Wikipedia, not everyone knows about one of its sister sites, wikivoyage. This is essentially a travel site that has informative articles about virtually any destination you can think of, including your own hometown. Added 06/25/14


Site #50 - - One of my favorite parts about editing this website is discovering new sites that I never knew about. is a community driven content provider. Click on the articles and find yourself surprised by what's out there. I know I did. Added 06/24/14

Site #49 - - Here is a site focused on finding you the next great book to read. Sometimes you know just what to grab next, but for those times that leave you wondering, try this site and watch what it can do. Added 06/24/14

Site #48 - - Now this is a great link for Harry Potter fans of all ages. It is an on-line experience that lets you explore the wizarding world of Harry Potter at no cost. It is fun and you might be surprised where the sorting hat puts you. Added 06/20/14

Site #47 - - Planning a wedding, but not sure where to begin? The answer may come in the form of a website that allows you to plug in a few details and then get vendors to come to you. It saves you a lot of time and just might help you save a whole lot of money. Added 06/18/14

Site #46 - - This site is part of the public access TV show that most people who see it cannot get enough of. Not only do they try out new recipes and ingredients, but they honestly assess the best types of equipment to use in your kitchen as well. If you like cooking, check out this site. Added 06/04/14

Site #45 - - Do you have a passion for boardgames or kayaking? If you do, then you might want to find others who share your passion in life. is the place to find out where people are getting together to share these passions. Meet up with others and enjoy life more. Added 05/16/14

Site #44 - - This site is actually called the Museum for Endangered Sounds. It is one man's impressive attempt to catalog some of the sounds fading from yesteryear. Give it a listen and I guarantee it will bring back memories. Added 05/16/14

Site #43 - - This is another site that is hard to categorize in just a few words. The Burning Man festival takes place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada every autumn around Labor Day. You will have to check out the website in order to understand the immense size and scope of this event. Added 05/16/14

Site #42 - - If you are a sports junkie, there are very few websites that have a more comprehensive profile than Not only is it packed with stories and the latest scores, but it also has a fantasy sports section as well. If you're into sports, click here often. Added 05/16/14

Site #41 - - This is a well-written site that showcases not only technical articles, but those with a lot of general interest appeal as well. What sets them apart seems to be their approach to life. Added 05/16/14


Site #40 - - A site for cool gifts, has tie-ins to some of your favorite shows. In fact, don't tell anyone, but yours truly might have a Millenium Falcon bottle opener lying around somewhere. Added 05/10/14

Site #39 - - Have you ever wondered if you have seen a picture on the internet somewhere else before? essentially performs a reverse lookup for pictures on the web and finds out where else it has been used at. This is a very helpful and informative search. Added 05/10/14

Site #38 - - Credit reporting is a necessary evil in our society, but you can fight the inaccuracies and disinformation commonly found in your credit reports here. Authorized by the federal government, this valuable site allows you to get your credit reports for free. Added 05/10/14

Site #37 - - The one and only Pulitzer Prize winners are listed here along with snippets of what they have done to earn the coveted award. If you are a fan of writing in its many forms, then consider a click to this classic site. You'll be glad you did. Added 05/10/14

Site #36 - - Are you fascinated with statistics? Do you like to compare countries and find out about their crime rates, GDP, and level of education? If so, then is the site for you. It is a fascinating look at the numbers. If you are a geek at heart, then take a minute and look at this site. Added 05/10/14

Site #35 - - Are you looking for the lowest price for a gallon of gas? Find it here just by putting in your zip code. This is a handy site when you want to save real money. Check out the national gas map too and see if California is still the most expensive state in the nation. Added 05/07/14

Site #34 - - The tag line for this website indicates that they are "purveyors of curiously awesome products." One click and I'm pretty sure you'll agree. Whether it is a pop bottle rocket launcher or an oversized gummy bear, this is the place to find it. Added 05/07/14

Site #33 - - Do you ever get sick of sites that are too warm and fuzzy? If you do, then this is the site for you. Hosted by cutting edge comedians without a filter, the site is mostly silly stuff wrapped in a veneer of goofiness. When it works though, it's pretty amazing. Added 05/07/14

Site #32 - - Do you ever want to go to a site that just focuses on the positive? Me too. every once in a while, it is nice to see a site that is grounded in snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Get overloaded by cuteness here. Added 05/07/14

Site #31 - - Where can you play thousands and thousands of games for free? is a site for when you have a lot of time on your hands and you want to play some games without a lot of hassle. The site is highly rated for its ease of use and huge variety of game options. Added 05/07/14


Site #30 - - Matthew Christopher is a photographer whose photos help to capture the urban decay of America. Looking through some of the photos reminds me that behind every one of them is a dream that went awry or a potential that went unfulfilled. It is both beautiful and sad, all at the same time. This site gets a strong recommendation from Snippish. Added 05/06/14

Site #29 - - Mashable is a website geared for the trends of today. It focuses a lot on technical articles regarding computers and computing, but it carries a generalized focus on the cutting edge. One of my good friends is always quoting something from Added 05/06/14

Site #28 - - The slogan of this website is "Yesterday's Tomorrow Today" and the site explores many of yeterday's predictions, trends and ideas. You have to wonder why technology moves so quickly in some areas, but not in others. This site provides a glimpse in that direction. Added 05/06/14

Site #27 - - There is a standard of of objective truth that a lot of great organizations try to reach, but fall short of. The BBC is one of the very few that actually succeeds. Even their website is amazing in its depth and complexity. Definitely worth a click. Added 05/05/14

Site #26 - - Some of you out there are pretty good at photography. If you are and would like to add some great digital effects to your pictures, then check out They will help you do all kinds of things you might have never known were possible. Added 05/05/14

Site #25 - - Do you need legal help of some kind? Are you pretty knowledgeable about what to do, but need some legal forms? If that is the case, then you might want to give a try. They also have a lot of handy legal software for sale. Added 05/05/14

Site #24 - - Do you like discount codes and codes for free shipping? If so, check out one of the web's smartest sites designed to save you money. That is the sole function of this website, but they are pretty good at it. Added 05/05/14

Site #23 - - One of the sites that people have heard about their whole lives, but have never visited, is the Library of Congress. This site references one on the largest book collections in the world and if you are looking for something especially arcane, you might want to try and look for it here. Added 05/05/14

Site #22 - - How many times have we heard the old adage that it is not what you know, but who you know that matters? At, they take networking to a new level. They help you find all of those inside job opportunities before they are posted to the general public. Added 05/05/14

Site #21 - - Now this is a useful site. Taskrabbits are ordinary people that perform service tasks for other people for a small fee. Whether it is cleaning something, fixing something or buying groceries, if you need someone to do it, look here first. Added 05/05/14


Site #20 - - This website is the grandaddy of debunkers on the web. They examine those pesky internet rumors and urban myths in order to find the truth. This is a very popular site and very useful if you suspect that some fact your brother told you sounds a little "fishy." Added 05/05/14

Site #19 - - Slate is a very informative website with a liberal bend. It links to a lot of great articles and has commentary by some of the left-wing's most articulate thinkers. They are also quite adept at looking through the modern lens of culture and finding what is the most relevant. If you like your politics to the left, look to Slate. Added 05/05/14

Site #18 - - The Drudge Report is a very informative website with a conservative bend. It links to a lot of other sites and has commentary by some of the right-wing's most articulate thinkers. For some reason, they are also extremely good at breaking stories. If you like your politics to the right, look to Drudge. Added 05/05/14

Site #17 - - There are very few sites that surprise me by their sheer depth and breadth, but is one of them. They simply take all of the words in the world and pronounce them for you. Not only is this a pretty lofty goal, but the speakers are pretty good at. You should give it a listen. Added 05/02/14

Site #16 - - The problem that comes with all of our excessive social exposure lies embedded in the temptation for some to engage in illegal and unethical activities. fights against those that would do you harm by warning of Facebook scams and the bad actors that perpetuate them. Added 05/02/14

Site #15 - - Now this is a great website for the writer in you. It allows you to write and share your work with a large audience. While this kind of introspection and exposition may not be everyone's cup of tea, if you fancy yourself a writer, try Added 05/02/14

Site #14 - - What would happen if you married excellent cartooning to inspirational visions of our world? Well, it turns out that you would have a site like Added 05/02/14

Site #13 - - Let's face it, phobias are kind of fun to think about, as long as they belong to someone else and not you. This site has been around since 1995 and you should click on it. Unless you are a triskaidekaphobiac. Added 05/02/14

Site #12 - - Would you like to take a college course for free? If you have time on your hands and want to learn something useful and interesting, then is for you. The premise of iversity is pretty simple. It involves signing up for courses and then waiting for them to begin. No long lines to register for classes and no financial aid forms to fill out. Learn about political philosophy, the architectecture of contemporary buildings or the essence of dark matter. Your brain will thank you. Added 05/01/14

Site #11 - - Now this is a clever idea. Take a look at history in your own hometown by looking at what was there in previous decades. This website has a lot of great photography from locations you drive by every day. If you are interested in the world about you and the world that existed before you got into it, then click on this site and take a moment to explore the past in all of its black-and-white glory. Added 05/01/14


Site #10 - - The central hub for our love affair with outer space begins here. There is a tremendous amount of interesting content and cool links to explore that can take you from our little planet and through to the rest of the galaxy. Part informative and part advocacy, it implies the question that a lot of us keep asking to ourselves over and over again. When are we going to re-energize the space program? What are we waiting for? Added 05/01/14

Site #9 - - You will find that as Snippish develops over time, some of the websites we pick will be extremely useful while others will simply be a lot of fun. is one of the useful ones. What this site does is clean up cluttered web pages to allow for easy reading in virtually any format you can think of. Hopefully it won't have to work very hard when it comes to cleaning up Snippish. Added 05/01/14

Site #8 - - Only a few people will remember the original site prior to Snippish that was developed in 2005 and sold a short time after getting started. On that site, Epicurious was considered a unique and premium site involving food in all of its glory. Epicurious has done nothing but improve over the years since that time. Where else can you find a great recipe for mango-kale juice and a Mediterranean Bison Slider? Added 05/01/14

Site #7 - - A lot of sites seemed to be overly complicated by design. While we all appreciate sophistication and artful design, there are a tremendous number of users that simply want to get somewhere and start doing stuff. If that is your goal, then soyouwanna will help you get there. Added 05/01/14

Site #6 - - This software site allows you to download useful utilities free of malicious software. The programs on it are not only useful, they seem to be selected for their utility. A lot of the stuff is freeware, but even if you do end up paying for software, at least you stand a fair chance of getting what you paid for. Added 05/01/14

Site #5 - - If you are about to have a baby, then this is the site for you. Not only that, but some of you fiction writers out there could stand a little freshening up of the names you use for your heroes as well. Speaking of that, how come there are not more babies with the name of Akako Quigley? Added 05/01/14

Site #4 - - Did you ever wonder what happened to all of those Kickstarter projects and other crowdfunded products out there on the net? If so, then wonder no more. Far from being an island of misfit toys, this site is packed with interesting products and innovative designs. The best part of all is that the spark for these products came from creative geniuses just like you. Added 05/01/14

Site #3 - - This is a pro-consumer website that has lots of interesting articles directed towards the world we live in. In fact, their approach seems to be on the order of public crusader meets information broker. In a world where it seems like no one is on your side, websites like this restore a little bit of our faith in humanity. So, check out this site and learn something new about the world of consumerism. Definitely worth a look. Added 05/01/14

Site #2 - - You have seen the work before on a T-shirt or a coffee mug, even if you do not know who created it. This is the quintessential website for those that love great artwork and cartoon spoofs of the modern age. From diatribes against undead parrots to the showing of great affection for our four-footed friends, the oatmeal has it all. For the record, I am considered by the oatmeal to be equivalent to a Dark Lord of Sriracha Sauce. Added 04/30/14

Site #1 - - Of course this has to be the first site on Snippish. Not just out of sheer self-promotion and self-love, but because this is the place to go to check out the newest websites and click on your new favorites. We'll keep looking for the best of the web and we'll keep adding content to the site as we go along. We promise to keep the ads to a minimum too. Please feel free to share and bookmark Snippish and we'll make sure you are rewarded for your efforts. Thank you. Added 04/30/14

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